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We carry quality products, and we’ve stood by the industry’s strongest guarantee for nearly 80 years. If you buy a product from us and decide you don’t need it, don’t want it, or just didn’t like it, we’ll take it back any time…with only very few exceptions.

Reloading Hub Canada Forever Guarantee

We carry quality products, and we’ve stood by the industry’s strongest guarantee for nearly 80 years. If you buy a product from us and decide you don’t need it, don’t want it, or just didn’t like it, we’ll take it back any time…with only very few exceptions.


primers for sale

For gun aficionados, reloading ammo is becoming a popular and affordable hobby. It provides the option to modify loads and ultimately save costs. Having a solid grasp of the various reloading primer varieties that are on the market is essential for safe and efficient reloading. We will go over all you need to know about reloading primers in this extensive guide, including kinds, uses, and well-known manufacturers.

What Are Reloading Primers?

Reloading primers are compact, independent parts that are essential to the reloading of ammunition. Their job is to light the powder charge inside the cartridge case so that it can produce the pressure needed to shoot the bullet out of the barrel. Put differently, primers serve as the “spark” that starts the burning process.

The Significance of Selecting Appropriate Primers

To reload ammo securely and with maximum efficiency, the right size and kind of primer must be used. Selecting the incorrect primer can result in severe over-pressurization, misfires, and inconsistent ignition. Understanding the various kinds of primers that are available and their intended uses is therefore essential.

Reloading primer types

Boxer Primers

Boxer primer is the most widely used kind of primer in the US. Most centerfire rifle and pistol cartridges use Boxer primers, which bear the name of their inventor, Edward Boxer. They are made up of an anvil in the center of a metal cup that is filled with impact-sensitive priming compound. The priming compound is crushed by the impact of the firing pin, which sets it on fire and starts the powder charge.

Berdan Primers

Conversely, beringan primers are less frequently used and are usually found in imported cartridges or military surplus ammunition. Berdan primers feature several flash holes spaced throughout the primer pocket, in contrast to boxer primers. They are generally more difficult to work with and require specific tools to reload. Even though they can be reloaded, the extra complexity makes most reloaders want to stay away from them.

Magnum Primers

Magnum primers are appropriate for cartridges that require high-pressure ignition because they are made to produce a hotter, more potent spark. These primers can reliably ignite slower-burning powders used in magnum or large-capacity cartridges because of their larger and more durable ignition compound. Magnum primers can dramatically raise chamber pressures, so it’s important to abide by the load data supplied by reliable sources.

Pistol Primers

Small and large pistol primers are available, and they are made especially for handgun cartridges. .380 ACP and 9mm Luger are two examples of compact or smaller caliber cartridges that are commonly used with small pistol primers. Conversely, larger caliber handguns like the 10mm Auto and.45 ACP use large pistol primers.

Rifle Primers

Because rifle cartridges typically operate at higher pressures than handgun cartridges, rifle primers are made specifically for use in rifle cartridges. Small rifle primers are typically used in cartridges like the.223 Remington or 7.62x39mm, while large rifle primers are used in cartridges like the.308 Winchester or.30-06 Springfield. They are available in both small and large sizes.

Shotgun Primers

Primers made especially for shotguns are meant to be used with shotgun shells. Shotgun primers are usually larger and have a different design than centerfire primers, which are used in rifle and pistol cartridges. They come in various sizes, including the 209 primers that are frequently found in contemporary shotshells.

Popular Primer Manufacturers

Selecting reliable producers of reloading primers who are renowned for their dependability and quality is crucial. Here are a few well-known producers of primers:

CCI Ammunition

A reputable company, CCI (Cascade Cartridge Inc.) is well-known for its extensive selection of primers and ammunition. Gun owners rely on them for their reliable performance, and they provide a variety of primer types to meet their diverse reloading requirements.


In the gun market, Winchester is a well-known brand, and their primers are no different. For pistol and rifle cartridges, they provide dependable primers that guarantee steady ignition and performance.

Federal Premium

Reloading supplies and premium ammunition are produced by the well-known brand Federal Premium. Their primers, such as the Gold Medal Match Primers, are well-liked by hunters and competitive shooters who need accuracy and dependability.


Another reputable company that sells dependable primers for reloading is Remington. Their primers are put through rigorous testing to make sure they perform well and ignite consistently under all kinds of weather.

Other Manufacturers

In addition to the aforementioned brands, there are other reputable manufacturers such as Cheddite and Aguila, known for their quality primers. These brands offer reliable options for shooters looking for affordable yet effective primer choices.

Best Practices and Safety Precautions

Reloading ammunition necessitates careful attention to safety precautions. When handling and storing primers, keep in mind these crucial safety measures and recommended procedures:

  1. Storage: Keep primers in their original packaging and keep the temperature in a controlled, dry, and cool environment. Keep them away from excessive humidity and other environments that can damage them.


  2. One Type at a Time: Only work with one type of primer at a time to avoid combining them. By doing this, the possibility of inadvertently using the incorrect primer for a given load is reduced.


  3. Reloading Tools: When handling and seating primers, always use the appropriate reloading tools and equipment. To ensure safe and precise reloading, adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions and suggested procedures.


  4. Disposal: To properly dispose of outdated or unused primers, adhere to local laws. Use caution when handling live primers and make sure they are disposed of properly

Reloading primers are essential to the process of reloading ammunition because they start the combustion that shoots the bullet out of the barrel. Comprehending the various primer varieties and their intended uses is essential for secure and efficient reloading. Reloaders can take advantage of the cost-saving advantages and customizing possibilities that come with reloading their own ammunition by selecting reliable manufacturers and adhering to recommended safety protocols. To improve your shooting, whether you’re a hobbyist or a competitive shooter, explore the world of reloading primers.

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